It is a privilege having a career creating learning programs.
I get to research different concepts and bring them to life in an
engaging and inspiring way.  It’s creative and challenging.
I love my work!

Janine L Phillips

How I can help you

I work with you, collaboratively and professionally, to ensure your learning courses are a success. I have created a system on how to evaluate, review and design an outcome suited to your end-user. I use Articulate Storyline and Rise to create dynamic interactive courses. This is a very popular and well respected platform.

Identify the WHY.


Assess the learning need.

Review current courses.

Explore the learning outcomes.

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Miss Meaningful

My alias, Miss Meaningful, provides me with a platform to share my passions. I live by the motto; one devoted person can initiate change. And I use this motto as a beacon to write meaningful stories.

As a traveller, I have been to lands far and wide.  I’ve travelled in all ways – as a backpacker, as a business traveller, a volunteer and a tourist. I’ve stayed in hostels and shacks, slept under the stars and enjoyed the privilege of five star. I have eaten with villagers and captains of industry. I take the greatest joy in the meaningful experiences – and meaningful business – I’ve found along the way.

As part of my philosophy to ‘give back’, I follow the profit for purpose approach; distributing a portion of profits to various meaningful projects or charities that align with ‘making a meaningful difference’.

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